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Play Math Mayhem Games Online

Play Math Mayhem Games Online

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Welcome to play Math Mayhem games online. Before you show your math skills, you must choose one category among 4 which are Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. If you choose Addition, whenever on the right corner of the board appears a random number, you must sum numbers together to make the same value.

For example, on the screen appears 12; you can click 5, 6 and 1 or 1,7 and 4 to form the same value. You can sum 2 or 3 or 4 etc. numbers to make the equal value or You do again repeatedly until the board is cleared. Each time the board is done, you move to the next level. The time of a next level is decreased by 1 second and the value of a random number is increased by 10.

Therefore, you ought to be quick before time is up. It is quite easy for players to be confused by the number of blocks. You get extra marks if you use more numbers or numbers which are far from others. Furthermore, you may see 3 modes including Classic Mode, Progressive Mode and Respawn Mode on the screen. In case you choose Classic Mode, there are about 64 numbers on the board. In case you choose Progressive Mode, there are about 9 numbers on the board. Finally, if you select Respawn Mode, there are about 20 numbers which have a shape of a tower. It seems that the last mode is more difficult than two first ones.

Each time you finish one calculation, other numbers will appear. Numbers appear on the screen quite often and confusingly. In brief, the more blocks you use, the more marks you gain. Moreover, the further you select numbers to get the sum, the more points you earn. Needless to say, the graphics are impressive such as the scene switcher or starry effects.

Play Math Mayhem Game Online

How to play:

Mouse is used only...!

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